Hlanganani Nhlapo

Hlanganani Nhlapo

With a BBA in Marketing Management through IMM Graduate school of Marketing, Hlangs found he was intrigued by e-commerce and his love for digital marketing was born. After graduation, Hlangs completed an internship with Digify Africa which introduced him to digital marketing as a multi-faceted industry. Over the years, Hlangs worked as a Social Media and Digital Marketing Coordinator in the education and development sector, and the financial services industry. In his role here at Spitfire, Hlangs dabbles in both strategy and implementation, with a focus on how businesses can use their existing digital assets in innovative ways to positively affect their sales and their bottom line, and to delight their customers as well. What Hlangs loves the most about the world of inbound is how simply complex it is and how complexly simple it is. In other words, inbound is a simple as you make it and as difficult as you want it to be. It holds the principle that a business and its objectives are important but its stakeholders are just as important. In his free time, Hlangs he loves to gym, tell dad jokes, and to butcher Zulu phrases with his Surburbia English accent. He's also shy at first but once you get to know him, it's a party from there onwards.


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