Bianca Raposo

Bianca is a charming, brilliant and ambitious individual. She comes from a creative background, having previously studied makeup and interior design, as well as PR, Marketing and Digital Marketing. Inbound Marketing excites Bianca because it’s never monotonous. “It's straight and to the point (like me), meaning it's there for your target audience. You aren't going in blind and hoping for the best.” She also loves inbound marketing because it provides value to the audience and enables meaningful relationship building. Because of her interests in fashion, Bianca is, without a doubt, a trendsetter! She has a unique and refined style that’s edgy and sophisticated. She also enjoys drawing and hitting the gym for a good workout. Fun Fact: Bianca is far from boring. You’ll find her with a fun new hairstyle every couple of months. She’s also the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet! (Watch out, you never know what she’s going to knock over next!). She’s also a huge Starwars fan.

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