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Laeveil ‘Velo’ Anderson

Laeveil is enthusiastic and is always up for a challenge. He's a firm believer that every setback has a greater comeback. Laeveil loves learning new things and enhancing his skills. In 2020, Laeveil completed a learnership through Red&Yellow Business School and obtained an NQF Level 5 qualification in Digital Marketing and Advertising. As an Inbound Implementer, Laeveil works hand in hand with our Social Media team creating valuable content and experiences tailored for different brands. Laeveil loves the world of inbound because he feels that it is a perfect platform for him to make use of his knowledge and skills with regards to social media. Being someone who is good with words, it all works to create compelling and interesting content. But mostly, he enjoys keeping audiences captivated and engaging with them. In his free time, Laeveil is a gamer and enjoy playing games such a Fortnite. He also enjoys downtime with his family and being a great dad and husband is at the top of his list.

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