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Sabeeha Ebrahim

Meet Sabeeha. She is a fierce wordsmith and ready to take on any challenge! She’s our Digital Copywriter at Spitfire, and proudly so. Her passion for understanding people is what motivated her to start her career in Marketing. Sabeeha obtained her Strategic Marketing Communications degree at the University of Johannesburg. She then started out her career as an intern and has been climbing the corporate ladder ever since. She has vast knowledge in different backgrounds, having worked on a multitude of Marketing Campaigns in industries such as Food and Retail, Automotive, Television & Film and Personal Protective Equipment. Determined to master the art of inbound marketing, Sabeeha says, “My favourite thing about inbound marketing is that as an inbound marketer, I am able to create meaningful connections with my audience and provide relevant solutions to their problems.” Sabeeha absolutely hates being bored. She loves a good series on Netflix and oh yes, she is a binge watcher! She also enjoys building puzzles. Fun Fact: You can get on her good side by delighting her with some ice-cream or chocolate.

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