6 Practical Productivity Apps
Posted by Lucille Moreton

From managing your workflow to scheduling meetings and even fitting in some exercise, these new productivity apps will help you achieve your daily goals, without the added stress.

Let’s face it, today’s workplace is competitive. With the ever-increasing demands to perform and to impress the ‘powers that be’ on a daily, weekly and monthly basis… we could all do with a little helping hand to boost our performance and productivity.

We’ve rounded up six excellent (and easy-to-use) apps that can supercharge your productivity, ensuring you make the most of your time, increase efficiency and get more done. 

1. Wunderlist

Often touted as the secret to a successful day, to-do lists simply help you organise your life and get things done. Whether it’s writing a grocery list, or planning a work project, we like that Wunderlist makes it simple to achieve personal and professional tasks. Plus, it syncs between all your devices, so you can access your lists anytime and share them with colleagues and family members. With around 13 million users and more than 1 billion to-dos created, it’s a must-have for busy people.

Wunderlist Productivity Apps.png

2. Strides Habit Tracker

If you like to stay motivated by setting and achieving goals, this app is for you. Recommended in the New York Times and Forbes, Strides is regarded as one of the best tracking apps on the market, plus it’s incredibly user-friendly. Simply decide on a goal or habit you want to track, choose the ‘type’ including:

  • Target - to reach a goal by a specific date
  • Habit – to help you build or break unproductive habits
  • Average – to track how you’re doing in a week, month or year
  • Milestones – to help you set realistic goals.

Lastly, you’ll need to enter values, dates and set reminders to help you along the way.

Strides Habit Tracker Productivity Apps.png

3. Spark by Readdle

There is no better app for helping you sort through your mountain of emails than Spark. The app has a smart inbox facility which collects all your emails and categorises them for you into personal, newsletter and notification boxes. You can also pin important or urgent emails to the top of your inbox and tackle those first, rather than sifting through reams of unnecessary emails. Gmail has a similar app called ‘Inbox’ that Gmail fanatics will love.

Spark by Readdle Productivity Apps.png

4. Pomodoro

Although it’s a straightforward work and study timer, Pomodoro is a really effective tool to help you stay focused at work and meet deadlines. Simply choose a task, set the timer and put your head down until the alarm goes. Then take a short break and once you’ve completed four sessions, the app will encourage you to take a longer break – around 30 minutes.

Pomodoro Productivity Apps.png  

 5. Evernote

What started out as a simple note-taking app has quickly grown into a feature-rich platform with more than 100 million users. With Evernote, you can create to-do lists, save important articles you find online as searchable notes, and write checklists to help you manage your workflow better. It’s also a multi-media platform so you can take notes as sketches, images or audio soundbites and save across multiple devices. If you’re studying part-time, use the app to clip and highlight articles or capture lecture notes and ideas.

Evernote Productivity Apps2.png

6. Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge 

Studies have shown that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to reap the health benefits of regular exercise, such as a sharper mind and healthier body.  In fact, all it takes is a few minutes of high intensity exercise each day to boost your overall well being, and thus be more efficient at work. There’s no equipment needed, the exercises are fun and simple to follow, plus there’s virtual achievements and rewards to keep you motivated. For instance, you start off with three lives and if you skip a day’s session, you lose a heart. Miss three workouts a month and you’ll be set back to zero.

7 Minute Workout Training Challenge Productivity Apps.png

We’ve got to admit that as much as we at Spitfire Inbound embrace the cross-platform functionality of these apps (and most of us use more than one), we still love our pen and paper, and the satisfying sound of crossing an item off the list. What’s your favourite way to keep track of your to dos?

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