Some over riding thoughts on #INBOUND16

Inbound16 provided the team with some great insights. This blog post looks at the key takeaways for each other the attendees

With #INBOUND16 - HubSpot's annual inbound marketing conference - a few weeks behind us, the Spitfire team got together and summarised their key take-aways from the overwhelming amount of insights and data presented over the week. In 18 bullet points we glance at the themes and trends that were overwhelmingly "important" to us as both a business and as individuals, and show trends for marketing going forward.

About technology - and people

  • In this world of technology - keep it human. No matter how technology grows and machines learn to learn remember that what differentiates you from the technology is your humanity.
  • People matter - whether they are your staff or your clients.


Focus on conversions

  • Your marketing should be driving towards getting conversions, and you should be using data to support your marketing decisions.
  • Remember that conversion opportunities are unique!
  • You only have 3-5 seconds to connect emotionally and rationally with your customers - make these count through great visualisation and consistent measuring. Visual cues are vital!


Make content manageable

  • Never simplify complex content - make it manageable.


For growth

  • Personal and business mastery - you need to know what you're good at and grow this, both as a business and as an individual.
  • Always look for a way to do what you're doing better


For sales and marketing

  • Break down the silos! Remember that at the end of the day, you're a team with the same goals: to sell more, more of the time.
  • Your CTAs should be taking your potential customer of a pathway of belief and not a hard sales path. Remember, the message has changed from 'always be selling' to 'always be helping'.
  • Art is about the artist, design is for the user. As an agency remember that the user is not the client - it is their customer. It's not about the ego.


For the HubSpot community

  • The HubSpot community is welcoming, friendly and helpful - just like the inbound methodology. Inbound marketers live the philosophy and it's amazing to see the willingness of people to share their knowledge and expertise.
  • As marketers we are all faced with similar challenges across the globe - keeping up with technology, prioritising our own marketing efforts and having enough time to do what we know is possible for our clients.
  • Catch Orangitis - take full advantage of the resources provided HubSpot online.


For inbound agencies

  • Inbound Marketing agencies need to have a focus - they need to identify their core values and live them (walk the walk!). From working with clients, to processes, to staff recruitment, you need to be true to your core values.
  • Love your agency - be your own best customer.
  • Constantly optimise: stay curious, never stop asking why, understand your consumers, and love your product.

And finally

  • Anna Kendrick is one of the most genuine people we have seen interviewed.

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