#INBOUND16 tweet round-up | Day 1

Yesterday was the start of #INBOUND16 - the ultimate Inbound Marketing conference held by HubSpot, the mothership of Inbound Marketing, and three of our key team members were there for every electrifying minute.

As the USA voted in its next president, the Boston venue was packed with what Alison Leishman, our Inbound Strategist, describes as as "insane amount of people". The day started with a key note speech from marketer Gary Vaynerchuck, who had a lot of interesting insights into modern marketing. 

#Inbound16 tweet round-up | Day 2

#Inbound16 tweet round-up | Day 3

#Inbound16 tweet round-up | Day 4

[See who else the team is excited about listening to here.] 

If you couldn't make it, here's our round up of the top tweets from Day 1 of Inbound16.   

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