HubSpot Product Updates: Automation at its best

It’s HubSpot product update time and we’ve got three of our favourite updates for June ready to go.


HubSpot is a remarkable platform crafted with the Inbound Methodology at its core. This ensures that the tool continuously evolves, employing an agile approach to remain the best solution for marketing, sales, and service teams - equipping them with the tools and capabilities to achieve their business objectives.

We love that HubSpot listens to its community, implementing monthly updates to enhance the platform, stay ahead of trends, and meet user needs

Each month we pick our top three updates for the month and show you how and why we think these updates will make a difference in your business.

Top three HubSpot Product Updates for June 2024:

  1. Trigger a workflow from a playbook
    Playbooks offer your team the ability to consistency to your processes by essentially answering key questions. Now you can trigger a workflow using a submission of a playbook.

  2. AI assistant for workflow creation
    Knowing how to create a workflow isn’t always easy, you know what you want the workflow to do, but not always how to do it, now you can get the AI assistant to help you build out the steps.

  3. Unified record customisation
    HubSpot has now made customising your records even simpler! The new record page editor allows you to easily customise the record in one place, giving them a holistic view of what their teams will see.

Bonus update: Analyse and Health tabs on workflows. You can now see a more robust performance overview of your workflows. 

Watch our video to see these in action:


An additional June HubSpot Product Updates

HubSpot releases several updates a month, some small and some big. The top three covered above were our favourite for the month, but below are ones we are also excited about.

  1. New campaign limits
    This is a biggy for anyone who has been running a portal for a long time, or those with large portals. In the past, you were limited to creating 1,000 campaigns. This meant that you would have to delete older, time-based campaigns if you needed a new one. But this limit has been increased. The new limit differs by Marketing Hub tier:
    1. Marketing Hub Professional users can now create and manage up to 5,000 campaigns
    2. Marketing Hub Enterprise users can now create and manage up to 10,000 campaigns

  2. Bookmark view
    Another small but mighty update! The new navigation on HubSpot can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you only really work within a few tools in the system. With the new Bookmark view gives you the option to bookmark the tools you use the most so you have easy access.
    Hubspot bookmark

  3. Forecasting in multicurrency
    Forecasting is an important element for any business, you need to be able to understand the future revenue of your business. Up until now, HubSpot’s forecasting tool only gave you the option to forecast in your company currency, but in some businesses, forecasting in the different currencies is vital. With this new update you can now choose which currency to display in your forecast. 
    Currency forcasting in HUbSpot 1
    Currency forcasting in HUbSpot 2

One of our HubSpot Onboarding specialists, Lyn Rohrbeck had this to say about this update:

“We get asked about currency forecasting by many clients when doing HubSpot onboarding. I’m super excited that this is now something we can show our clients. It only adds to the power of HubSpot.”

How to access Beta updates

Like we said, HubSpot loves to listen to its users, so not all updates are immediately live. Many start off in Beta where you have the opportunity to test and comment on these changes. 

If you don’t see the update in your portal, you can enroll in the Beta. This is an easy and quick step to do. Take a look at the step-by-step process below for instructions:


Good to know: While the majority of features in Beta do go live, HubSpot doesn’t guarantee that every Beta will go live and may still be removed. 

What to find out how you can get the most out of your HubSpot portal? Contact us for a portal audit, or explore our HubSpot Onboarding services

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