Inbound17 Daily Tweet Round-Up | Day 3

Posted by Samantha Steele

This week HubSpot is hosting the world's premiere inbound marketing event - INBOUND17. Three of our team mates are in Boston with inbounders from around the globe to join talks and events that inspire, innovate and illustrate the potential of inbound. Our content strategist, Samantha Steele, couldn't attend this year and highlights the best tweets from the day.

Alison Leishamn from Spitfire Inbound with Brian Halligan from Hubspot

Alison Leishman and the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot, Brian Halligan

Yesterday was the last day of INBOUND17 and our team had another fantastic day meeting some incredible inbounders from around the world. The jealousy is real! Here are the best tweets and highlights from the day. 











 We're going to be posting about our team's key takeaways and learnings from these knowledge packed sessions, so stay tuned for some great content in the next few weeks. 

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