Inbound18 Daily Tweet Round-Up I Day 1

 HubSpot is hosting the world's premiere inbound marketing event - INBOUND18 until 7 September. Two of our team members, our MD Darren Leishman and our Senior Inbound Marketing Strategist, Nicole Sengers, are in Boston with fellow marketers to join talks and events that inspire, innovate and illustrate the potential of inbound marketing. We highlight our favourite tweets from day 1 here. 

INBOUND18 is an exciting event where marketers across the globe join each other to share sales and marketing insights. This year, the focus is on "growing better" and, as Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of HubSpot would say: "succeeding with your soul intact."

We take a look at some of our most favourite tweets from day 1 below. 



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