[PODCAST] How to prep like a pro for INBOUND21

Posted by Lauren Espach

Listen to episode 2 of our brand new podcast, Take Flight, where we’ve got you covered with helpful tips, session strategies, and everything you need to know about INBOUND21

HubSpot’s INBOUND21 is right around the corner and we want you to take full advantage of this virtual event. Hosts Chaz and Motso will walk you through what to expect and how to plan for attending INBOUND21 (if you’re an INBOUND first-timer), or, if you’re a seasoned INBOUNDER, then we’ll share our thoughts on which speakers we’re so excited about, and why.


Episode 2: How to prep for INBOUND21 

In episode 2, we chat to Spitfire Head of Onboarding, Shiran Sugerman, on her top tips to help you plan and prep for this virtual event, what went down last year, and what to expect in 2021.

INBOUND is a conference, but beyond that, it’s a place to learn and grow and embrace digital transformation. It’s a collection of experts giving their expertise to other experts and showing us how you can do cool things and really focus on your customers. - Shiran Sugerman

We also include our regular HubSpot Product Updates segment where Motso will be discussing the SEO Audit tool, and how you can apply SEO best practices for individual website pages and blog posts - all within HubSpot. 

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