Your go-to INBOUND21 (remote) event guide with the Spitfire & the HubSpot Community

INBOUND21 is just around the corner, and we’ve put together the ultimate guide with helpful tips from the Spitfire team and HubSpot Community to help you navigate and get the most out of attending INBOUND21 remotely.

INBOUND21 is just around the corner, and we’ve put together the ultimate guide with helpful tips from the Spitfire team and HubSpot Community to help you navigate and get the most out of attending INBOUND21 remotely

What’s in store for INBOUND21?

According to HubSpot, “INBOUND 2021, is a fully immersive, online experience, that gives you access to transformative business trends, proactive conversations, and key actionable takeaways that future you will appreciate. Connect with leaders across industries and spark the catalyst that awaits you.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be the second year running that INBOUND will be held remotely, which means more availability for attendees to join in the learning experience - from the comfort of your remote working space, whether that’s your home, lounge, or small, in-person office gatherings. 

HubSpot goes on to say that the “sessions were built with remote work in mind, so you can learn from anywhere with audio sessions, meetups and on demand content.” 

As always, INBOUND delivers with a stellar line-up of Key Speakers, and this year we’re excited to hear from Oprah Winfrey, Yamini Rangan, Brain Halligan, Dharmesh Shah, Spike Lee and Hasan Minaj.

inbound 21 speakersSome of INBOUND21’s key speakers. Source: 

The HubSpot community 

The HubSpot community has been buzzing with people sharing their top tips on how to get the most out of INBOUND21 after Jenny from the HubSpot community team got the conversation going.

Spitfire team members also contributed to the conversation but we reached out to key HubSpot users around the globe for their insights too - here are some of their actionable tips:

Jenny Sowyrda

Community Manager at HubSpot

Jenny Sowyrda hubspot community

Taking notes is key - and having them in a somewhat organised fashion so you can refer to them later and remember what you were thinking in that moment! 

Alison Leishman

Strategic Director at Spitfire Inbound

Alison Leishman hubspot community

My tips are immerse yourself - let your clients know that you are at INBOUND21 or better yet 'take' them with you. Choose your sessions before hand and have a helpful format for your key takeaways. Note taking in session is crucial but at the end of the session spend 5 minutes capturing your key insights so that you don't get overwhelmed and they are are there to refer back to. I have 4 questions I answer after sessions:

  1. What are my three (3) key take aways?
  2. How can I apply this to business/country?
  3. What could I explore further? Concepts, ideas, strategy
  4. Takeaways for life
Victoria Harkes

Marketing Manager at SchoolBundle

Victoria Harkes hubspot community

Online: Take screenshots of people in sessions that you want to connect with afterwards. This allows you to focus your attention on the session, without missing out on building a bridge to the other amazing attendees!

Stephanie Baiocchi

Director of Membership & Events at IMPACT

Stephanie Baiocch hubspot community

My tip is to take breaks from your desk! It's good for your eyes, back, and mind haha I recommend casting/airplaying your computer to your TV to sit back and watch some sessions in comfort on the big screen.

Rafael Lopez

Head of Marketing at Odontonet

Rafael Lopez hubspot community

Online: Think and plan your own method of notes, remember to change your position (standing, sitting, ...) frequently, and start up new ideas that the talks have inspired you.

Shiran Sugerman

Strategic Inbound Advisor, Spitfire Inbound

Shiran Sugerman hubspot community

Have snacks ready! And if you're attending the online sessions get together as a group and discuss the sessions after to share insights and ideas.

Dan Moyle
HubSpot Specialist at Impulse Creative

Dan Moyle hubspot community

First thing's first: I miss in-person INBOUND. So. Much. 

My tips: 

  • Be flexible - if the session you're on isn't speaking to you, it's online... move along
  • Focus - even though you're at your desk, disconnect from work and focus on the session
  • Move locations - we're all digital and online and stuck in our spots today (even cubicles!) - if you move locations you may experience a renewed focus and feel like you're moving rooms
  • Network - I'm a fan of the event mantra, "The magic happens in the hallways" -- even though we're staring at our screens again this year, make sure you're connecting with others via chat/social - it's where the magic happens
Lauren Espach

Social Media and Digital Content Manager, Spitfire Inbound

Lauren Espach hubspot community

Snacks & energy boosters are a must! You also want to be prepped before-hand. Have all of your stationery (notebooks, pens, highlighters and takeaway cards close to hand) and technology ready and charged (laptop, phone, screens etc.).

Dave Meyer
President at BizzyWeb

Dave Meyer hubspot community

Whether you're in person or virtual, I like having a separate space to take notes. I use an iPad Pro and the Notes app to keep my learning organized - take a photo of the slide, add your thoughts underneath. Works slick. 

From last year and our virtual, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the networking groups. I've made some fantastic connections by just dropping into the right rooms and sharing my thoughts. Get out there and share!

Our INBOUND21 tips

  • Plan your sessions ahead of time - think of any time zone differences and plan accordingly
  • Use the on-demand function to cover any sessions you miss
  • Write down your learnings & key insights 
  • Find a comfortable spot, but not so comfortable that you miss the late sessions
  • Stock up on snacks & energy boosters to keep you fresh and alert
  • Note-taking equipment - electronics fully charged or a bagful of pens and paper. Write down your learnings & key insights
  • Use your step counter - get moving in the breaks!
  • Book your calendar out and turn on your out of office so that everyone knows you’re busy learning
  • Engage with speakers, colleagues and HubSpot community members on social media - don’t forget the hashtag #INBOUND21

Whatever your session strategy, remember to have fun, learn and enjoy the event! Here are some of our top insights from last year’s INBOUND20

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