Which 90s show TV character do you market like? [QUIZ]

Do you market like Kramer from Seinfeld or Monica Geller from Friends? Take our quiz to find out!

Do you market like Ally from ALLY MCBEAL or Monica Geller from FRIENDS? Take our quiz to find out!

Walk into any inbound marketing department and you’ll find a rich mix of people: the perfectionist, the lastminute.com organiser, the big picture thinker and more! Their one commonality? They all want to do the best work they can for their clients.

We’ve looked at some of our favourite iconic 90s TV show characters and matched them to the inbound marketing personality types we know. Do you market like Monica Geller from FRIENDS, with a beady eye for detail, or Will Smith from Fresh Prince of Bel Air, with crazy ideas and unexpected solutions?  

Take our quiz and let us know which 90s TV character you market like!



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