[Guest blog] How video creation can help your sales teams close more deals

When it comes to sales, especially in these times, you want to make sure you’re cutting through the noise and connecting with prospects in a human way.

When it comes to sales, especially in these times, you want to make sure you’re cutting through the noise and connecting with prospects in a unique and human way. We spoke to video expert Yaniv Siegel to get some insights on this topic.

We know that getting more responses on sales calls, more meetings booked, and opportunities landed are all major pain points for sales teams. We also know that personalisation and human communication is a key way to close more deals. But, with face-to-face meetings being scarce right now, we’re very happy to be using the video hosting platform, Vidyard

Sending generic text-based emails will most likely leave you with a case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome than a legitimate sales meeting, but spending a few minutes recording a video offers your prospects a more personalised and human experience. Take a look at this video from Yaniv for a detailed introduction to the concept of video creation for sales.

Here are some of the points Yaniv highlights in the video:

How often do you ever respond to an email message that just screams, “I'm a pitchy sales message”? Now compare that to an email with a personalised video in it. You’re more likely to take time out for a message that says “Hi, I made a short video for you, explaining why I'm reaching out. Have a look.”

With emails that include a video, Vidyard has seen their click-through rates become four to seven times higher than a text-based email. And, more importantly, their response rates are also higher.

You can also use these videos when communicating with prospects via a business platform like LinkedIn. Imagine getting a message on LinkedIn where you can see the person and know that the message isn’t a generic response, but rather one where the person has taken time to speak directly to you.

Another great element of using video for sales is that you’ve already managed to introduce yourself to the person. They already know your voice and what you look like, which means they are already getting comfortable with you. 

Then, like everything we do here at Spitfire, we love the reporting side of things. A very powerful part of using videos on a platform like Vidyard in your sales process is that your sales team will get notifications when their prospects are actually watching those videos and how much of those videos are being watched. Giving you the ability to actually act on somebody watching your video and interact with them when you’re top of mind. 

Watch the video for a more in-depth breakdown and examples of how these videos look and work. If you’re ready to start closing more deals with video creation, contact us for a demo.

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