How to choose the right HubSpot package for your business

Posted by Darren Leishman

Choosing the right HubSpot package for your business means that you’ll get all you need for marketing, sales and services from one platform.

It’s no secret that we at Spitfire Inbound are huge fans of HubSpot. After all, we’re a Platinum Agency Partner. You may have been looking around for marketing, sales and/or service software for your business and HubSpot popped up on your screen. Perhaps you’ve already decided to go with HubSpot for your business and have come to the important decision-making stage of which package to choose.

HubSpot specialist at IMPACT, Carina Duffy, agrees that HubSpot is versatile enough to work for all types of companies and industries of various sizes. Carina says, "Before looking at the different features and costs of the different HubSpot Packages, take some time to think about what problems you’re looking for HubSpot to solve. As you consider the right tools for the job you need to think carefully about how the tool will be deployed in your business. Buying the tool is the easy part, making sure it is used effectively is much harder. My recommendation is that before you invest in a tool, you need to establish who will be the internal champion for its success and work out a project plan for the deployment of the system." 

Where do I start?

When scoping a project, you need to identify your biggest challenge and decide which one to do first. Once you have the project and your priority scoped out then choosing the best tool for the job becomes much easier.  Not only that, the chances of a successful adoption will be far greater.

Ensure that the solution you implement is working and then expand the solution into the other problem areas of your business, if it applies. A good way to do this is with a low-risk and low-cost offering, such as the free HubSpot CRM for you to dip your toes in the water and see what you’ll be able to do with HubSpot further down the line.

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Is free really free?

HubSpot has free packages in the different hubs and who doesn’t love free software? HubSpot Free allows you to get free Gmail and Outlook integration, contact management, reporting, and other sales and marketing tools. These packages are free forever but are limited. The *best* free product HubSpot has is their CRM. It’s unlimited. That means unlimited users, contacts and access forever. 

Read here on why Spitfire Inbound loves the HubSpot CRM. (Caution HubSpot Free is easily addictive and you’ll love it so much that you’ll be hooked!)

As you reach certain milestones in your business growth journey, you’re going to want more from this great inbound marketing, sales and service software. In the same breath, starting  with the top tier package isn’t always the best idea. Identifying your primary needs and the level of technology you need to solve them is critical to the project success because too many changes at the same time can lead to overall project failure. 

The Three Hubs of HubSpot

The three HubSpot Hubs: Marketing, Sales and Service. Marketing Hub is a contact-based hub focused on growing the traffic to your website. Sales and Service Hubs are user-based hubs focused on generating more leads, closing deals, and making your customers happy. The unifying factor of these hubs is the HubSpot CRM, and each of these enhance the use of the CRM and its ability to generate leads, close deals and satisfy the needs of your customers. 

Here are five considerations we’ve identified that will help you decide which HubSpot package is right for you, and your business.

1. Contacts

People (contacts) are the core of your sales, service and marketing strategies, so managing them is of utmost importance. Many businesses have a large contact database which they market to and these are ever growing! 

One of the key questions when choosing the package you need is to look at the actively engaged contacts you currently have and decide accordingly. Marketing Starter and Pro includes 1000 contacts with the Enterprise level packages including 10 000 contacts. There is additional pricing for additional contacts but the rate varies per tier. If you are using the sales or service hubs alone, the contacts are free and unlimited!

2. Segmentation

Lists allow you to segment your database to ensure a more personalised experience for your prospects and customers. Hubspot free CRM allows for 5 smart lists and 25 static lists, and it goes up from there if you are using either the Marketing Hub Pro or the HubSpot CMS.

3. Automation

Automation is about making your marketing and sales efforts seamless for both your staff and your customers. If you really want HubSpot to work at its best for your business, automation is crucial. 

From automation that allows you to segment your database with whatever logic you choose, to creating emails that automatically send out to leads once they match the logic you’ve built - automation is the only way to play the inbound marketing game. Out of all the hubs, automation is only available in the Pro and Enterprise packages - whether this be workflow, sequences, deal based workflows or ticket based workflows.

4. Size of your sales team

All Hubspot packages will help you generate more leads.  To be able to streamline and automate your sales process you will need to sign up for one of the paid packages. 
Sales and Service starter both include 1 paid user or seat, while Pro includes 5 and Enterprise 10. Determining who requires the paid seats is important as the remainder of the team will have access to all of the features of Free.

Sales Pro allows you to give quotes to leads in multiple currencies and have multiple deal pipelines, as well as use 1:1 video creation. 

With Sales Enterprise, you’ll be able to get predictive lead scoring which analyses your past data in your CRM, call transcription and reporting, for when your sales team contacts your leads, single sign-on and playbooks.

5. Reporting

Reporting is fundamental in the world of sales, services and marketing. Data is essentially what drives strategy. Without it, you’re shooting in the dark. HubSpot Sales Pro and Enterprise are for advanced sales teams who require custom reporting - from revenue reports that show which marketing efforts are generating the most revenue, to attribution reports which show what content is driving traffic and generating leads and sales. On all hubs, as you upgrade to a higher package, your reporting functionality increases.

No matter which HubSpot package you decide to go with, ensure that your business is ready and committed to an inbound marketing journey. Your tiered HubSpot inbound agency will work with you as you grow, to guide you in the direction of the right package for you, and keep you up-to-date with all new HubSpot developments.

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