HubSpot Product Updates: Sharing the Marketing and Sales hub love this month

Dive into the latest HubSpot product updates and find out what our top three picks are for the month.


It’s HubSpot product update time and we’ve got three of our favourite updates for the month ready to go. 

HubSpot is an incredible platform, designed with the Inbound Methodology in mind. This means that the tool is ever-evolving, using an agile approach to ensure the platform remains a cutting-edge solution for marketing, sales, and service teams, and provides them with the tools and capabilities they need to achieve their business goals. 

The thing we love the most about using HubSpot is that they listen to their community and implement monthly updates to continually enhance the platform, stay ahead of industry trends, and solve for their user’s needs. 

Each month we pick our top three updates for the month and show you how and why we think these updates will make a difference in your business.

Top three HubSpot Product Updates for Feb 2024:

  1. Customise default deal name
    Naming conventions are everything, you can now set your deal naming conventions when creating deals from Contact or Company records.

  2. Deal Pipeline Rules
    Gain more control over the efficiency of your pipeline but adding key rules to ensure your reporting is accurate.

  3. Easy and clear connection of SPF/DMARC for All
    HubSpot has made it easier for Marketers to ensure their email sending domains meet the recommended technical requirements.

Watch our video to see these in action:


What to find out more about the new email requirements coming from Google and Yahoo? Click here to register for our webinar. 

An additional three February HubSpot Product Updates

HubSpot releases several updates a month, some small and some big. The top three covered in the video were our favourite for the month, but below are ones we are also excited about.

  1. Audio modules in pages and blogs
    You can now easily add an audio module to your blogs and pages, this gives you the opportunity to offer more formats to your content, giving more people more options to consume your content the way they want. 

    Blog image Audio Module on HubSpot

  2. LinkedIn Document Support
    You can now add Documents to LinkedIn posts when creating in HubSpot.

    Blog image LinkedinPDF on hubspot

  3. LinkedIn Polls creation
    You can now create your LinkedIn Polls directly in HubSpot

    Blog image Linkedin poll on hubspot

Our Lead Social Media Specialist, Chaz Driessel had this to say about the exciting LinkedIn updates:

“The latest update to the Marketing Hub's Social Tool will empower the social team to maximise the use of dynamic content within our social strategies which are essential for enhancing engagement, expanding reach and strengthening brand reputation on LinkedIn. Previously, posting dynamic content, like LinkedIn Documents and Polls, required manual efforts within LinkedIn as well as necessitating the creation of trackable links. Now, with the ability to publish directly through HubSpot, time is saved and reporting accuracy is ensured.”

How to access Beta updates

Like we said, HubSpot loves to listen to its users, so not all updates are immediately live. Many start off in Beta where you have the opportunity to test and comment on these changes. 

If you don’t see the update in your portal, you can enrol in the Beta. This is an easy and quick step to do. Take a look at the step-by-step process below for instructions:


Good to know: While the majority of features in Beta do go live, HubSpot doesn’t guarantee that every Beta will go live and may still be removed. 

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