Why you want to be an inbound champion, and how to do it!
Posted by Lucille Moreton

Inbound marketing is intense: not only for the inbound marketing agency, but also for the client, and believe it or not, this is one of the major pros of choosing a marketing approach so much more specialised than the norm.

For an inbound marketing agency like ours, when we have a client who truly believes in the philosophy of inbound, working with that person can turn an everyday job into an exciting adventure towards a shared goal.

Among all my clients, I’ve always found that the best results come from the client who learns about inbound marketing and becomes passionate about it’s many possibilities. Their eyes just light up and they do HubSpot certifications of their own accord; they send you blog articles about trends in the inbound world, and they take a critical look at how they can apply inbound to every part of their job. For them, it’s no longer  ‘this is how we market’ but is an exciting way of doing business and interacting with the world.

As a client, becoming your marketing agencies champion internally means you will have the best day-to-day knowledge of your company's marketing, and it’s one of the best ways to become an expert in the world’s fastest growing and most effective way of marketing.

Here are 6 practical tips you can use to become the inbound champion for your office.

1. Get excited!

There’s very little that is more rewarding than a client wholly embracing the inbound mindset. Last year, I was incredibly fortunate to attend Inbound16 - the world’s biggest inbound marketing conference. I spent most of my week there with two clients - Veronica Wainstein of Penquin and Charl Grobler of Suzuki Auto SA - and their excitement levels outshone my own. Every talk they attended resulted in lively debates over dinner about what they could do with inbound marketing. It was amazing to see. Getting excited is the first step to doing more for your company and your inbound marketing.  The following 5 steps will highlight how to ensure that you continually fuel your passion and keep the excitement alive.

Pro tip: You know your business best, and getting excited about your marketing is going to generate fabulous ideas about how you can market your company.

2. Decide who will approve actions and copy

One of the best ways to ensure that your inbound marketing efforts succeed is to remain consistent, both in your messaging and in your posting schedule. Keeping on schedule is made a lot easier once we know who has to approve what. It also removes a lot of frustration when trying to work out how to get a piece of work implemented, and it means everybody who needs to see copy gets the chance to provide feedback before it goes live.

Pro tip: Keep an updated document of approvals needed, and each time a new piece of copy needs to go through the process, ensure that it follows the right path.

3. Stick to an agreed schedule

The first step to having a consistent schedule is to agree on what it is! Knowing well in advance when actions need to be taken or what steps should be followed makes planning ahead a breeze. Once a schedule has been agreed on, both the client and the agency needs to continually evaluate and collaborate on this, and hold each other accountable.

Pro tip: Spend an hour at the start of each quarter (or whatever works for you!) sitting with your inbound marketing team and setting out upcoming dates and events. Once everyone is happy with the schedule, share it with your team and keep everyone on the same page.

4. Keep us up to date 

Company news? Press releases? Changes in structure? Keep us in the loop. Knowing what’s happening with our clients gives us the opportunity to keep your customers up to date with your company. If there’s news that may be stressful (such as a change in management), knowing that allows us to be more mindful of work pressures you may be under, and let’s us create a buffer to make your job (and ours) a lot easier!

Pro tip: As your marketing agency, we love your company as much as we love ours, and any news you share is in good hands.

5. Share your ideas with us! 

One of my favourite occurrences in inbound marketing is when, after a few months of working with us, a client starts to think of ways to do inbound that we may never have thought of. Inbound marketing is collaborative, and the more ideas you share with us, the better inbound can work for you.

Pro tip: Keep a shared document of ideas which you can update whenever you have a moment of inspiration.

6. Let us know what we’re doing well, and what we could do better

Our job is to do great inbound marketing for your company, and part of that involves building your trust in us. If there’s something that we do that you think is the bee’s knees, tell us - it makes us feel good. However, if there’s something we do that you don’t think is working, give us that feedback. Our goal is to make your marketing as simple and rewarding as possible, and so we want to address any frustrations you have early on.

Pro tip: Customer feedback is what allows us to build better business practices and processes, which means we can do better work for you. The more you give us, the better work we can do.

As your inbound marketing agency, we strive to do the best possible job we can for your business, and with an Inbound champion on our side, I truly believe that anything (marketing-related at least) is possible.

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