[CASE STUDY] 863.08% ROI: Success through HubSpot Marketing Hub for VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification Campaign

With the help of Spitfire Inbound and HubSpot's Marketing Hub over the course of a year, Initial Hygiene introduced a new product with great success. The VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification.

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Over a one-year period, using HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, and partnering with Spitfire Inbound, Initial Hygiene launched a new product to considerable success.

Using HubSpot Marketing Hub, Initial Hygiene launched a new product in South Africa, VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification. 

VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification Image

VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification is a new service offering provided by Initial Hygiene in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the system is fairly unique within the air purification category, the high entry-level price for such a unit within the South African market requires a long research and consideration process for the average Initial Hygiene customer. 


There were two substantial challenges to overcome when introducing the  VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier to the South African market:

  • Price: The product has a high price point, comparative to the South African market, which requires a long sales cycle.
  • Information: The importance of air quality is not as well established in the South African market as it is within the other markets that Rentokil Initial group operate in. 

By utilising an automated marketing strategy in the Marketing Hub, Initial Hygiene was able to keep the communication and interest in the subject of Air Hygiene top of mind throughout the sales process, supporting the sales teams with their efforts.

The subject of air quality and air hygiene needed to be communicated and awareness of the problem achieved first before we could begin to promote the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification as a solution. 

While the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification is proven to be an effective system in killing the Coronavirus and could have been targeted with this message alone, the entry-level price point for such a system in the South African market is high and requires a longer consideration process. 

We, therefore, needed to ensure that the message around the VIRUSKILLER™ wasn’t only targeted around Covid-19 but also the longevity of such a system in addressing the wider concerns of air pollution, wellness, and air hygiene.


Using Marketing Hub, Spitfire Inbound aimed to:

  • Create awareness of the importance of air quality and drive interest to content with an existing Air Hygiene campaign
  • Communicate the need for effective air purification with emails, workflows, blogs, and social media 
  • Promote the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification system to segmented groups
  • Nurture generated leads to support them in their journey to purchase
  • Focus on lead quality aligned with the quantity of leads
  • Generate leads to be handed to the sales team for the VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification system

To launch this campaign, we needed to start with creating awareness; to do this several blog articles were added into the ongoing content strategy specifically for the VIRUSKILLER™ campaign. 

The related content strategy for the campaign consisted of articles to provide awareness, such as ‘How far does a sneeze travel?’ and ‘Top 3 winter cold and flu prevention tips for the workplace’. Industry-specific posts were added to assist the consideration stage of contacts. Through the use of automation and segmentation, these were targeted to industries where the VIRUSKILLER™ would be ideally suited (based on the current industries of Initial Hygiene contact base and pain points of those contacts), such as ‘Increase productivity by cleaning the air in your office’ and ‘Decrease absenteeism at school by cleaning the air’.

Articles such as ‘VIRUSKILLER™ FAQs: the 10 most common questions we hear’ and ‘Behind the design of the next air care revolution: VIRUSKILLER™’ were created to enhance the contact’s journey between consideration and decision. 

Within each blog, smart Call-to-Actions [CTAs] were added into each article to prompt the continuation of the contact’s journey based on what they have interacted with previously. 

Landing pages
Supporting each blog, several content offers were created for various stages of a contact’s research process. For each of these offers, a landing page with a form was created to capture that contact into the segmentation process. Following a form submission, the smart Call-to-Actions extended into further offers and were then suggested as a next action for the reader based on the segmentation lists. An RSS feed of air hygiene-related blogs were also provided following the form submission.

Automated emails

VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification nuturing

Through segmentation, we created nurturing email workflows based on industry.

After entering their details, the contact is entered into a workflow which automates the process of sending an email with the offer. Within the email, additional information and suggested content is provided. 

Further nurturing is then done over a series of emails that build on the contact’s level of awareness over time as they interact with the emails. By automating the strategy through user behaviour and segmentation we have been able to keep possible leads warm until they are ready to speak to the sales team about the VIRUSKILLER™. This ensures that valuable sales leads are not being lost due to any hasty or premature sales tactics.


VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification campaign overview

  • 863.08% ROI over the period 
  • Influenced contacts from the campaign exceeded set goal by 613%
  • Number of deals made exceeded by 17900% of expected goal
  • 54% conversion rate of new visitor sessions from VIRUSKILLER™ emails
  • 48.2% increase in sessions to Air Hygiene campaign and 450% increase in new contacts, from the previous year from Air Hygiene
  • 38.45% growth in audience from previous year on social media platforms
  • Nurture email results above industry benchmarks*:
VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purification Email results


Benchmarks within the Business Services Industry: Open Rate 20% and CTR 8.01% (based on HubSpot’s benchmark survey).


Through the thorough use of the marketing portal and the use of a cohesive content and automation strategy, Initial Hygiene saw exceptional results from this campaign. Nathalie Leblond, the Marketing Communication Manager for Rentokil Initial South Africa, talks about the campaign’s success below:

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