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Brandon Holz

Brandon started off his professional career in education, having worked as a high school teacher. He then moved into the software and development industry where he started his own business, and through various mergers and acquisitions over the years, he ended up working with Ryan Wallis and Darren Leishman which has led to his being a valued Spitfarian today. Inbound marketing holds a very special place in Brandon’s heart because it centres largely around providing value to people by building meaningful relationships which help them achieve their goals. “I am passionate about empowering people to do more.” Brandon has a passion for music and he’s been a musician all his life. “Music allows me to express my creative side. I have always been in love with the idea of a ‘blank canvas’, as in being able to create something from nothing. And although a literal canvas may not be my thing, music is the art form that I have always connected with the most.” Fun Fact: One of the instruments that he plays the most is the bagpipes.

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