How to sell your C-Suite on a new website

Have a look at our infographic for guidance on selling your new website to the C-Suite.


Discover the strategic approach needed to sell your C-suite on a new website. Our infographic provides actionable insights to align your proposal with organisational objectives, quantify impact, and assure stakeholders—all essential steps in securing the support for your new website’s success.

Executives are navigating a complex array of challenges, from technological disruptions to shifting consumer preferences. As a result, the decision to invest - or in many cases, reinvest - in an asset like a website isn't solely about chasing immediate returns—it's important to emphasise that it’s about safeguarding the company's future and mitigating risk. 

“Today’s executives are more concerned with risk management and protecting their bottom line than your typical path to ROI. They care more about how an investment will safeguard their business than its ability to yield immediate financial results.”—Toby Carrington, Chief Business Officer at Seismic.  Forbes)

As such, presenting a website proposal to the C-suite requires more than just showcasing its potential for revenue generation; it demands:

  • a comprehensive business case that addresses their strategic objectives (and often, your business has an existing website - so emphasising what needs to change and why is imperative) 
  • quantifies the long-term business impact
  • and provides assurances regarding security, compliance, and scalability. 

Our infographic outlines effective approaches on how to craft a compelling business case for a new website that resonates with the priorities and concerns of the C-suite. Keep in mind, before pitching an entirely new website to your C-Suite, it's crucial to leverage metrics from tools such as HubSpot Analytics, Hotjar and Google Analytics on your current site to highlight areas for improvement.

What it takes to sell your C-Suite on a new website infographic

Selling your C-Suite on a new website - or an overhaul of the existing site - isn't just about numbers and projections. It's also about building a narrative that aligns with the strategic direction of the organisation.

Be sure to demonstrate how the proposed website isn't just a project but an asset that will drive the business forward. By presenting a thorough plan that aligns with your C-Suite’s vision and addresses their concerns, you'll stand a better chance of securing their support.

Remember, you're not just selling a product, you're shaping the company's future. 

Need help to align your websites strategy with your company's vision? Contact us for tailored solutions and strategic guidance. 

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