Event Round up: Delighting Your Customers with an Integrated CRM System

Find out about how HubSpot can benefit your business following our event for HubSpot for starters


Spitfire, HubSpot and YES hosted a panel discussion around technology in Africa.

A packed hall and a lively debate marked a successful Spitfire event in collaboration with HubSpot and YES. 

With over 200 positive RSVPs, an engaged audience, and expertise from Dublin itself - in the form of the charming Eoin McGuinness, the Head of Startups CEE, Middle East & Africa Business Development at HubSpot - this event marked a memorable morning and sparked a lively discussion around technology vs humans and where the line lies in Africa.  

“I couldn't have been happier, everything was A+,” says Eoin, and Lehlohonolo Matabane, Head of Brand and Client Marketing at Youth Employment Service (YES) agreed, adding, “The event was brilliant, a treat and very insightful." Candice-Anne Long, Spitfire’s Delivery Operations Manager agreed, “It's always a pleasure to host and delight both our existing and future clients, staying true to our commitment of keeping the customer at the centre of everything we do."

Eoin, representing HubSpot, faced some hard questions from the audience about the role of AI in emerging markets, HubSpot’s role in the competitive landscape and pricing structure in Africa. His response was engagingly helpful (and a true embodiment of the HubSpot value system): start with HubSpot Free, and grow organically from there! 

Spitfire HubSpot Delighting Your Customers speakers

Marlene Oosthuizen, Spitfire’s Solutions Architect, was inspired by the discussions and said, “Having a HubSpot specialist in your business is incredibly valuable. These pros do more than just manage a CRM system; they connect technology with business results, ensuring companies not only meet but exceed their strategic goals. They keep the business up-to-date as HubSpot evolves, making sure that every tool and feature is used to its full potential. This also speaks to creating opportunities, not only in SA but everywhere.” 

“Opportunities” were the focus for Leanne Emery-Hunter, the COO of the Youth Employment Service (YES). "Discussions around the benefits of AI are often countered by the human cost: how does this impact a country with high unemployment? It is essential that our youth are trained in AI (no matter what field they work in) and other future-facing skills to ensure relevance in both the local and global economy and to become the change-makers who unlock new opportunities that we haven’t yet considered."


Spitfire HubSpot Delighting Your Customers1-1

Eoin unpacked helpful information around HubSpot CRM use and business growth. A key takeaway from the session is that though rapidly evolving technology is essential to a successful business, so are the hearts and minds of the people behind it. Cuan Humphries, Head of Strategy, summed it up succinctly: “Technology can support any business that can clearly define a strategy and a reason for genuine connection with customers. However, the technology on its own won’t be the driving force of that connection - it is merely the tool that makes it possible.” 

Adds Marlene, “At the recent event hosted by Spitfire Inbound and HubSpot, a powerful message resonated: mastering HubSpot isn’t just a job; it's a career with huge potential. HubSpot, a leading platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, has become essential for businesses worldwide. This event showcased Integrated Systems and touched on how being an expert in HubSpot can open up fantastic career opportunities.” 

Darren Leishman, Spitfire’s CEO, fully embodied his role as panel leader and shamelessly provoked both parties into animated discussion while engaging the audience.

Spitfire HubSpot Delighting Your Customers speakers-1

In addition to the enriching content of the event, Spitfire Inbound is proud to support two impactful community outreach initiatives aimed at serving and uplifting local communities.

  1. Pella-Matlhako Development Group:

The Pella-Matlhako Development Group is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development of the Pella village community. Their mission is to ensure that every member of the Pella-Matlhako community has access to information and services that enhance their quality of life. A key objective of their work is to restore the dignity of children through the distribution of school shoes.

  1. Tshiamiso Astronauts:

Tshiamiso Astronauts is a non-profit organisation focused on fostering a love for reading among children and youth by establishing the Evaton West Library. Their mission is to promote reading, improve literacy rates in their community, and make learning resources accessible to all. They are committed to expanding their library and welcome book donations to continue nurturing a passion for reading.

Kgomotso Dibetso, the founder of Tshiamiso Astronauts and Spitfire’s Social Media Specialist, enjoyed the debate. He says, “I think the event was a great opportunity for startups to explore HubSpot as a foundational tool for all their marketing and sales activities, and hearing Eion, Lee-Anne and Darren talk about the usefulness of HubSpot and its new AI functionality was enlightening to me and other business owners that I got to interact with after the presentation.” He continues, “As Tshiamiso Astronauts, we are grateful to have the opportunity to further our mission of building a literate society through our programs and the support of Spitfire and Hubspot, and we look forward to further expanding our reach and ensuring that every child has an opportunity to access education and knowledge that can help them to be a positive contributing member of our society.”

Spitfire HubSpot Delighting Your Customers event

“The event shared success stories of businesses that thrived by integrating HubSpot deeply into their operations with the help of dedicated experts. These companies have seen not just better customer engagement but improved overall performance. In summary, the Spitfire Inbound and HubSpot event made it clear: if you’re looking to grow your career, becoming a HubSpot expert is a smart move. For businesses, investing in a specialist can transform your CRM from a simple system to a core part of your strategy, giving you a competitive edge,” agrees Marlene. 

Spitfire Inbound looks forward to continuing a healthy relationship with HubSpot and local businesses alike. 

If you would like to start your journey with HubSpot, book a meeting with our team to discuss the best options for your business.

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