HubSpot product updates straight from INBOUND 2021

An overview of key updates for the HubSpot platform announced at INBOUND 2021!

Every year at INBOUND Hubspot delivers its key updates - and once again in 2021 there are some really exciting updates to talk about. Here is a quick overview with links to the knowledge base articles if you want to dive right in and learn more about them.

Business Units (Live)

Business units are focused on aligning teams with multiple brands in one account. This will allow you to manage contacts, marketing and sales assets across multiple brands in one HubSpot portal.  The advantage of this is the ability to run cross and upsell campaigns and report o this across the business as well as for each brand. Business units will be available to Marketing Hub Enterprise customers as an Add On and customers who have the Additional Brand Domain Add On will automatically get access. The cost of the Add On  is $1000 per month - read the HubSpot knowledge base article for all the details.

Sandboxes (Live)

Sandboxes provide a safe place for users to test changes without permanently changing data or interacting with their customers - a huge advantage in building you team's confidence in HubSpot. It is important to note that this is separate to a developers account and is available for Enterprise level portals only. Next time you are setting up a CRM, testing or wanting to see how your code interacts with HubSpot - sandboxes are the place to be. The features that you can copy from your production account are account tools and features, super admins, object definitions, pipelines as well as themes, templates and modules. If you have an Enterprise level portal you will have access to one sandbox - additional are available for purchase.

For the details of what is included in the sandbox read this HubSpot knowledge base article or get in touch with us.

Permissioning & Governance (Live)

There are additional features available for Admin best practice coming for users from Free to Enterprise. Free users will have be able to deactivate users before removing them while in that interim period of making decisions of how to assign their owned assets and objects. Keeping up with compliance requirements, admins will be able to export a full list of users and their associated permissions.

Those with Professional accounts will have access to permission sets - this allows you to set a standard set of permissions for job roles which you can use when adding new users. Creating a delightful administrative experience for sure!

Enterprise level accounts will be able to integrate to SCIM-Powered Okta to manage access for new, current and deactivated users. You will also be able to trouble shoot using user impersonation - this allows you to view and edit a portal from a specific users perspective - a real advantage in the remote workforce and global businesses.

Flexible Associations (Public Beta)

This is a really exciting update - you now have flexible associations so that you can set up your CRM to reflect your business structure and process and better reflect the associations between the records in HubSpot. Some examples of this being that you can associate more than one company with a contact and if you have a Pro or Enterprise portal you are able to label these as primary and partner for example. You are then able to segment based on these associations and use them in workflows. Multiple contacts on a deal or company can also have labels that describe their relationship within the company such as CEO or board member for example. For more information read through the knowledge base article from HubSpot

Operations Hub Enterprise

Operations Hub Enterprise will be launching in November and we will keep you updated as we learn all the details - think data sets!  Operations Hub Enterprise will be part of the Enterprise Suite.

Payments (Open Beta) - US customers only

HubSpot payments are in open beta but only available to US customers - this will give you payment links, allow for recurring payments as well as native quotes and payment integrations.

Customer Portal (Live)

A really exciting update for Service Hub Pro and Enterprise users is the customer portal where your customers are able to log in to a webpage where they can access and reply to support tickets.  Connected to a shared inbox, this keeps the conversations between customers and support reps going - with no coding. This article from the HubSpot knowledge base gives you a step by step guide to setting up your customer portal.

Custom Surveys

Custom feedback surveys allow you to create a custom survey experience beyond your NPS, CSAT and CES in Service Pro and Enterprise.  Allowing you to build your own question bank with unlimited questions and using a range of questions types will empower your team to gather feedback. All the details can be found in this article and if you need any support with this, get in touch with us.

Along with all the new updates and beta updates, there are also improvements to a number of live functionalities.

Custom Behavioural Events

Custom behavioural events are live for Marketing Hub Enterprise customers and allow you to create better customer experiences by further personalising their journey based on the unique actions they take on your website. To see how to get started the HubSpot knowledge base article on creating and analysing these events.

Custom report Builder

Custom report builder enables you to build custom reports on all of your CRM data - this will allow you to report not only on contacts, companies and deals but also custom objects, campaigns and behavioural events. Custom reporting allows you great insight into your data to drive decisions in sales, marketing and services. This article from HubSpot with do through how to create custom reports but you can also ask your Inbound Success Manager to demo this for you. Custom reports are available for Pro and Enterprise users.


HubSpot forecasting has been around for a while now but currently has deal splits in beta.  This feature is available on Sales Enterprise and lets customers share credit on a deal with up to five users. Once again the HubSpot knowledge base will work you through this beta.

With so many exciting opportunities within the HubSpot CRM focusing on creating customisable experiences we are really looking forward to creating better experiences for our customers and their customers.

If you would like more information on any of the updates connect with us and we will organise a demo or sign up for our regular product updates.

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