Staying connected: How do I get personal with my customers and prospects using video?

Yaniv Siegel from Vidyard shares his tips on remote working, using video and the best practice use of Vidyard during a lockdown.

Yaniv Siegel from Vidyard shares his tips on remote working, using video and the best practice use of Vidyard for marketing, sales and services.

In this ongoing series, Spitfire Inbound’s award winning team answers real inbound questions from clients and other inbound marketing practitioners.

In this month’s edition, we hosted a webinar with Yaniv Siegel from Vidyard to highlight how quick, personal videos can be your biggest ally.

QUESTION: “How do I maintain my personal relationships with customers and prospects while working remotely?”

Personal videos give you a huge advantage and are a powerful tool to use! Vidyard makes the production and sharing of videos with a real human touch easy to do and easy to share.

Here are some ways you could use video while respecting the need for social distancing:

Asynchronous communication:

One of the advantages of a video is it can be watched when it best suits the person you’re communicating with - and it still feels incredibly personal. You don’t need to both be available at the same time to share meaningful, nuanced communication - and you won’t get lost in an inbox.

No need for an email chain: 

quick video, whether it’s a demonstration or a check in, cuts out all the ambiguity you lose when you can’t communicate face to face.

Watch the video below from Vela Sabelo, explaining to the team how he used video with a client recently:

Videos instead of meetings for announcements: 

If your team is feeling a little “meeting'ed out”, send a video with the message, and they can watch at their own leisure.

Don't overproduce it: 

Real, flawed, human videos get more engagement than highly polished ones. Speak from the heart and that will build a real connection.

Click below and watch the full webinar to understand how best to use video for your whole Flywheel: sales, marketing and service. 

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